Preserve Your Peripheral Vision with Comprehensive Visual Field Testing At Brooklin Vision Care

Preserve Your Peripheral Vision: Comprehensive Visual Field Testing at Brooklin Vision Care

Preserve Your Peripheral Vision: Comprehensive Visual Field Testing at Brooklin Vision Care

Book your visual field test today and safeguard your eyesight for the future.

Assess your visual field for a clearer perspective. Visual field testing is crucial for detecting vision loss and monitoring the progression of eye conditions. At Brooklin Vision Care, Whitby, we offer comprehensive visual field testing to ensure the health of your vision.

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Visual Field Testing:
Safeguarding Your Peripheral Vision and Eye Health

We offer comprehensive visual field testing to evaluate and monitor peripheral vision. This crucial assessment helps detect and manage conditions such as Glaucoma, certain medications' side effects, and other diseases affecting your visual field. Our optometrists utilize advanced technology to ensure accurate and detailed results.

Safeguarding Your Peripheral Vision And Eye Health with Visual Field Testing in Whitby, Ontario
  • Early Detection of Vision Loss: Visual field testing aids in the early detection of peripheral vision impairments, allowing for timely intervention and preservation of your overall visual function.
  • Glaucoma Monitoring: Visual field tests are essential for monitoring and managing glaucoma, a leading cause of irreversible vision loss. Regular screenings help detect subtle changes and guide treatment decisions.
  • Medication Side Effect Identification: Certain medications can affect your peripheral vision. Visual field testing helps identify medication-related visual impairments, enabling medication adjustments or dosages.
  • Driving and Safety Assessments: Visual field tests are crucial for assessing fitness to drive and evaluating visual function required for safe navigation and awareness on the road.
  • Customized Treatment Plans: Our optometrists use visual field test results to develop personalized treatment plans tailored to your specific visual needs and overall eye health.